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Photo Description Front left quarter view of NC17405 with man standing in front of wing. Aeronca building in back ground. Back of photo says Jim Welch. 
Photo Date 1936 
Photo Subject Airplanes and People 
Photo Focus Area Whole Plane 
Photo Prespective Ground to Ground 
Undercarriage Wheels 
Museum Asset Number 307 
N-Number 17405 
Large size Res 1500 x 1229 px
Full Size Res 11776 x 9650 px
Full Filesize 5319249 bytes
Aeronca Models LC  
Date Range 1935-1939 
Document Type ImageGallery 
Status Available 
Condition Excellent 
No. of Pages 1 pages 
Dimensions 9.81 in. x 8.04 in. 
File Size 5 MB 
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Access Category   Member
Collection Name Wally Baldwin Collection 
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