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Photo Description Cut away view of an Aeronca E-113 engine. Front left quarter view. 
Photo Date Circa 1936 
Photo Subject Factory Photo 
Photo Focus Area Engine 
Photo Prespective Not Applicable 
Undercarriage Not Applicable 
Museum Asset Number 294 
Large size Res 1500 x 1126 px
Full Size Res 12698 x 9538 px
Full Filesize 9287655 bytes
Aeronca Models E113A E113B E113C  
Date Range 1931-1936 
Document Type ImageGallery 
Status Available 
Condition Excellent 
No. of Pages 1 pages 
Dimensions 10.58 in. x 7.95 in. 
File Size 9 MB 
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Access Category   Member
Collection Name Wally Baldwin Collection 
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