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Volunteer Details

Thank you inquiring volunteering as a Document Cleaner

Volunteer Details for Document Cleaner
Title Document Cleaner
Description Clean and enhance digital documents.
Skills Required Hand-mouse-eye coordination, photo editing, patience, perseverance.
Tools Needed A computer (not too old or slow) , Adobe Photoshop (or equivalent), Internet connection.
Location Online
Details Using Adobe Photoshop or a similar high-end photo-editing program, you will edit pages of documents that have already been scanned by a volunteer Document Scanner. You will use editing techniques in Photoshop such as: Selection, Rotate, Erase, Levels, Curves, Draw, Brush, Resample, Resize, and Skew. Most documents will be monochrome in nature: Drawings, letters, manuals, scanned 337s, etc. Pages with only text can be saved in lower resolution than pages with photos or drawings. For multipage documents, pages will be cleaned one page at a time, with each page being its own file. Files will be saved in TIF format. When all pages are completed, they will be assembled into a single PDF file in the proper page order. (This last step can be done my museum staff if you don’t have Adobe Acrobate Professional, or equivalent.)

Available Document Cleaner assignment that you can accept.

Assignments available for Document Cleaner